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 The Holy Both

R.G. Evans’s HOLY BOTH is a powerhouse of a book—possibly the spookiest book of poems I know. The poems dig deep, and dig hard, but maintain their humor, music and perhaps above all else, their sense of surprise. HOLY BOTH is a work of philosophy and of love. Evans is a wonderful poet."

Liz Rosenberg, Moonlight Palace and These Happy Eyes

Sure, there is holiness here, as well as myth and magic, but don’t let the titles, pinched from Cyril Connolly, fool you. Evans is messing with language and perception as he raises doubt to the level of the sacred. These poems are both hallowed and human. It’s as if they were written to be sung by a choir of angels, or chanted by a legion of centurions. 

 ~Peter E. Murphy, founder of Murphy Writing of Stockton University

Fierce, clear-eyed, uncompromising, and profoundly humane, these well-wrought poems are a welcome tonic for a world increasingly marked by disregard for anything like the truth.   R.G Evans repeatedly takes us on deep dives past the point where we run out of oxygen but, miraculously, somehow find ourselves still breathing.  Trusting both science and magic, he again and again executes elegant jujitsu moves that free us from the shackles that constrict much of our ordinary experience.  

 ~Jim Haba, poet and founding director of the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival

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